Finance provider JBR Capital has released details of the top 10 most popular cars among its fancier customers so far in 2018. 

The company has revealed that four of the top 10 most financed cars this year are made in Britain, ahead of exotic rivals from the likes of Germany, Italy and Japan. None of the top 10 were from the United States. 

JBR Capital’s executive chairman, Darren Selig, said, “Britain may not have won the World Cup this summer, but it’s on top of the automotive world. The ‘Made in Britain’ tag is still highly sought-after among our high net worth clients, whether that’s for supercars or luxury SUVs.

“While you might expect wealthy owners to rush to Ferrari and Lamborghini dealers, it’s actually McLaren and Land Rover where we’ve had the most demand for finance packages so far this year.”

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