Sometimes it can get just too stuffy inside your car on a hot day – which makes a nice airy convertible a peculiarly inviting prospect…just don’t forget to put some sunscreen on. 

Those car experts at Cap HPI have put together a list of the top 10 convertibles that make for the best buys – the firm’s motoring specialist Clive Wilson has crunched the numbers and found the droptops that depreciate the least, based on the difference between their value new and then after three years and 60,000 miles. 

Clive Wilson said: “When the weather is as glorious as it is as the moment there’s nothing better than being able to enjoy life on the open road with the top down. Our list of best depreciators has identified some superb vehicles that will retain their value well over a three-year period and possibly beyond, so a great purchase for those with the money to splash out and derive maximum enjoyment without having to worry too much about the car losing its value.

“However, summertime is far from the ideal season to pick up a convertible as this is obviously the time of year when they are at a premium but for owners looking to sell on to those with the money to spare it can be very good news.”

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