Those canny advanced drivers at the IAM are worried about us all pottering around in the intense summer heat, so they’ve come up with some of their best top tips for driving in the sun. 

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  • Do you know where you’re going? Plan your journey so you know when and where to take planned breaks (if applicable) and check for any traffic problems
  • Do weekly car checks which include looking at the pressures, tread depth and condition of your tyres as well as checking the essential fluids – replenish the screenwash but if other fluids are low check for underlying problems
  • Don't just keep on top of the car's fluids – stay hydrated by keeping a bottle of water in your car. Plenty of water is essential to staying hydrated in order to maintain concentration and control body temperature
  • When driving, fatigue can slowly kick in – especially when there's a lot of heat. Concentration starts to slip after two hours so take regular 15 minute breaks every two hours or so. Get out of the car and stretch
  • When driving into the direction of the sun, use your sun visor to help block out the glare and if that doesn’t work for you, invest a decent pair of sunglasses. Keep the windscreen clean inside and out
  • Put together an emergency kit – this can be made up of some drinks and snacks, a charger for your phone and a road map for last-minute detours. Some entertainment for your younger passengers may make the journey less stressful

IAM’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, said: ‘Preparation is key to an enjoyable trip. A well maintained car and a fully fit and prepared body can make the difference between a pleasant drive in the country and a nightmare journey to be endured. Whilst the trip may be about the destination it is much better if the journey is enjoyable too.’