UK car selling website Auto Trader has revealed the top 10 list of fastest selling used cars in the country during May, with the Nissan Micra topping the list. 

The company says that it is the first time the Japanese hatch has taken the top spot on the list. 

SUVs rounded out the top three, with the Mercedes GLA and Ford Ecosport taking the next two places. 

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Interestingly, while there were only two diesel models in the national top 10, when it came to the regional rankings, diesel-engined cars took first place in 11 of the 13 areas tracked. The 2015 Kia Sportage diesel was the most popular car in Scotland, while buyers in London were keen to snap up the 2014 BMW 5 Series and its torquey diesel unit. 

While demand for new diesel cars is slumping, the used figures point to another oddity – the average price of a used diesel increased five percent year-on-year, averaging £14,448 in May. Is that because diesel is a popular used buy, or because the only cars selling are larger, premium SUVs? 

Karolina Edwards-Smajda from Auto Trader said: ‘While there are undeniable wider market challenges, this is the third consecutive month used diesels have dominated our fastest selling cars tracker, which is testament to its remarkable resilience. Clearly there remains a strong appetite amongst consumers for the greater efficiency diesel offer and contrary to the negative tone surrounding the fuel debate, they offer a great opportunity for retailers.’

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