Electric vehicles are enjoying more popularity than ever, with new EVs seeing an 18.7 percent boost in sales in the UK in May. But what about secondhand models? The used car experts at HPI have come up with five of the best electric vehicles to buy for under £10,000. 

Of course, you’d be hard pressed to name more than seven secondhand electric vehicles you could find for less than £10,000 and that includes building your own fusion-powered time machine. Not to mention that three of the cars on the list are basically the same car. 

Still, a used Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe represent great value at the moment, and you’ll be surprised what you can buy a Citroen C-Zero for these days. 

Chris Plumb, motoring expert at HPI, said: ‘Drivers are becoming increasingly comfortable with electric vehicles as the technology improves. Second hand models are becoming more affordable and can offer cost effective motoring. Our picks provide value for money and are likely to hold their value in the years to come.’

Each of the picks has been valued at 30,000 miles on a ’15-plate. Click on the next button above to see the cars in the top five. 

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