Enjoy them, then our photographers will think hiding in those bushes is worth it.

We have some dedicated snappers all over the world – we don't even know where they are now, crouched in their camouflage gear, braving the worst of the Arctic weather or trying in vain to protect themselves from the withering sun of Death Valley. For it is in such places that manufacturers take their latest cars, vehicles so secret they are covered in vast swathes of camouflage designed to confuzzle the eye and play tricks on the mind. They take them there in order to test them to their limits, a punishing ritual of extremes and trying to get the air conditioning knob to fall off so that you can march back into the engineering office at Wolfsburg or Stuttgart or Birmingham and say 'in your face, engineer. This just isn't good enough.' It's a dangerous game, this spy photography business – we wouldn't normally say anything, but as we gather some of the best snaps of the last week it's important to take a moment to recognise the true everyday heroism of these men and women who put their lives on the line to show us what's coming in the next two to three years. Just so it's not a surprise. Spy photographers, we salute you.

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