Here's a roundup of the best (worst) April Fool's Day stories of 2018. Did any catch you out?

Everyone loves a bit of April Fool's Day action – clingfilm over the toilet seat, pretending you're pregnant, faking your own death, that sort of thing.

Of course companies want to get in on the action – it's become wildly fashionable for carmakers to try and pull a swift one on a gullible public, and readers are slowly learning. In fact, it's the one day a year that people suddenly exercise judgment as to what they're reading on the internet – and with good cause, because carmakers put out some crazy stories on April Fool's Day. 

Our favourite? The new convertible Honda CR-V – we actually want to see this one made, even if it means that the boot hatch won't ever be able to go back on again. We've enjoyed living with a standard version of the Japanese SUV, but this could make it a game changer.

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