Mini has just announced that it is introducing its new logo across the whole of its new car range come March 2018 – which has got us thinking about what other car makers have been up to with their logos in recent years. 

The general trend has been along the same lines as Mini has shown – the early 2000s saw 3D effects and chrome looks, with that trend being completely reversed in more recent times with moves towards much flatter monochrome designs.

Of course, there are some exceptions – Mercedes-Benz has been there and done that, trying out the flat look and replacing it with a much more sleek shiny version of the three-pointed star. 

Other car makers just don't seem to change their emblems at all – Jaguar has had essentially the same logo since 1945, with a few subtle tweaks here and there, while Ford's Blue Oval design is older than most other car manufacturers themselves.

The oval section first came into use in 1907 as a Ford UK brand identity, become more widespread in 1912. The blue was added in 1927 and has basically been left untouched, save for a few snazzy updates to upgrade the Ford badge for the ages. 

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