Picking a car with cruise control isn’t an easy job. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, check out our helpful video here. Like we say, there isn’t a ton of difference between the various names for adaptive cruise control – intelligent, active or auto adaptive – but basic cruise control (CC) or adaptive cruise control (ACC) are quite a bit different. 

The latter gives more responsibility to the car and so you have to learn to trust it. As a driver, we’d encourage you to take test drives focusing cruise control technology so you can experience it personally. That way, you can judge what level of control you feel like giving the car.

What you can live with will greatly affect the price you’re willing to pay, since cruise control, adaptive or otherwise, still doesn’t come as standard. Here are some of the options out there on the market today.

The 'City1'
2017 Nissan Micra Acenta
The Nissan Micra is a car typically requiring cruise control, since it’s marketed as an urban runaround. However, it’s comfortable ride from longer journeys and made more comfy with the inclusion of basic cruise control as standard on the Acenta trim. Opt for a larger Nissan model, like the X-Trail, and you’ll see CC included as standard on the lowest trim option, Visia.

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The 'Budget1'
2016 Honda Jazz S

The Honda Jazz isn’t a particularly aspirational car. The fact the average age of a Jazz driver is 67 years old tells you all you need to know. However, there’s not many city cars that include cruise control as standard and for as little as £13,995, your Jazz motorway journeys can seem shorter and sweeter. 

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The 'Safe1'
Volvo S60
This Swedish brand is known for its dedication to safety. From £22,940, your S60 will not only track the car in front, maintaining progress along the highway at a distance you set, but ACC combined with Lane Keep Assist—where the car steers itself in between the white lines—it will almost seem the car is driving itself.

The 'Optional1'
BMW 118i SE
BMW offers more flexibility than other manufacturers, by offering ‘active cruise control’ (read: adaptive) as an optional extra. That means, regardless of the model you select, you can always get the greatest feature for motorway comfort. The option costs a not-so-insignificant £790 though, so you may need to consider selling a kidney…or child. (Only joking)

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The 'Popular1'
Ford Focus
The Ford Focus is a bestselling family machine and it’s tech upgrade packages are as equally family-friendly. This practical hatch can be upgraded to include adaptive cruise control for a very reasonable £200. Thus, if a city spinner proves little too small, but a saloon a bit pricey for the amount of motorway driving you do, the Focus is a great choice.

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