It’s not easy buying a dashcam. There are loads to choose from and all of them seem to offer different sizes, shapes and features.

There’s no one camera that does it all, but we’ve taken a gander at those on the market to help you decide which best suits you. Click the link below to watch our video guide to dashcams.

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Ring Mini Dashcam

The 'Budget1'
Ring RBGDC15 Onboard cam
Price: £30

Ring’s super-compact camera sits well hidden behind any rearview mirror. Setting up with the suction mount is quick and easy. Due to the size, however, the buttons could be a bit fiddly for sausage fingers, or those who are less dextrous. It features a 3.8cm/1.5-inch rear screen, which isn’t the easiest to play video back on.

However, for a mere £30, you can capture your journeys out on the road. It needs a micro SD card, which is a separate purchase and bear in mind that there’s no companion app so you have to plug the device into your computer to retrieve the footage. 

Transcend 230

The 'Driver-assist1'
Transcend 230
Price: £99.99

This camera offers some of the best value-for-money, given that it’s one of the few that comes with a 16GB SD memory card. The portrait-designed device is compact enough to be discreet but large enough to house a reasonably sized playback screen. There is also a companion app to save, share and view footage more easily.

Not only does the camera record in full high-definition, but the enhanced night view is excellent for low light and after dark environments. With traffic sign recognition, lane keep assist and speed camera assist, this dash cam can be an active part of your journey too.

The 'Bestselling1'
Nextbase 312GW
Price: £99.99

Nextbase is the market leader when it comes to dash cams. This is largely down to its software engineering and early use of polarised lenses, reducing glare on bright sunny days. A couple of years ago, the quality was unmatched. The 312G has broad appeal, with a wide 140-degree angle of vision, easy-to-use companion app and large playback screen.

The ‘Click'n'Go’ mount is practical and demonstrative of excellent build quality. However, rivals are catching up on recording quality, which leaves this camera a little lacking. It does seem pricey without more additional features and a memory card included.

Silent Witness SW224

The 'Posh1'
Silent Witness SW224
Price: £199.99

Unboxing the SW224 there’s marked luxury, but it’s not all style without substance. The SW224 has excellent image capture and additional features like GPS tracking and driver behaviour monitoring. Stills can be captured with a button device and the practical 12V plug has a dual-USB. Though playback is only available via the app, it’s not difficult to navigate.

The mount is sticker and magnetic rather than suction and the flying saucer design is unusual—no rear screen, which might not suit all, but it does include a memory card—though at that price, you’d expect it. 

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