2017 BMW Z4 Review


BMW’s sole remaining conventional sports car is the Z4 roadster. It’s well into its second generation and remains one of the main players in the two-seat premium roadster market, thanks to attractive looks, a quintessential BMW rear-wheel drive chassis, and a strong range of petrol engines. But there are no diesel options and newer models from rivals are leaving the Z4 feeling like it is miles behind the prevailing class standard.


Body Style: Convertible         Seats: 2                      MRP from £28,730 - £38,737


Did you know? The BMW Z4 was chiefly designed by two women – Juliane Blasi did the exterior, while Nadya Arnaout oversaw the interior.

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Verdict: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6.4/10)

There’s still a lot to like about the BMW Z4, as it’s a good-looking machine with a comfortable, quality interior and it is possessed of the feel-good factor that accompanies driving an open-top car from a premium manufacturer. The engines offered are also punchy and bless the Z4 with strong performance.

But there’s no diesel option offered, and the car has been around since 2009 with little in the way of major changes. When you consider that younger rivals from Audi and Porsche – and even the similarly aged Mercedes-Benz SLC – all drive better, have more tech-laden interiors, and cleaner engines, it becomes apparent that the BMW Z4’s time is drawing to a close. Good as it...